Thrive at LBC is intended for those that are ages 18-29.


It is at this interval that students are thrust into adulthood at varying speeds and will also have many life-altering experiences. The. idea is that young adults would begin to really thrive during this pivotal period. Many people get married, have kids, and begin to establish themselves in a career during these important years, but one thing we cannot forget about is the importance of Jesus and community during these many new, important changes. The church does not forget about people during the years they graduate high school and have a family, that’s why the young adult ministry is vital to the health of the church.

It is during this time period that many individuals will continue to develop into the leaders of the church that their family will one day love and serve.

The young adult ministry meets on Sunday nights at 6:30 at the church and on Tuesday nights
during the small group semester.




On a Sunday night, you can expect to be loved by others, be challenged to grow in your faith, and play a part in a young adult community, all in a very casual, laid-back atmosphere. There is live worship and a teaching that is designed to both encourage and challenge you in your walk with Christ. Small Groups take the teaching from
Sunday nights and challenges you to think about in different ways, giving you an opportunity to
share your thoughts and feelings around what Christ is doing in your life.

The group is smaller because we want this to be a time of building deeper relationships and creating stronger,healthier community.



Feel free to drop by on a Sunday night or to send Pastor Devon an email if you have any
questions about Thrive. Also, if you would like to check out their small group, please contact
Pastor Devon so he can provide you with more information.