Discipleship at LBC

We want to LIVE like Jesus through effective and intentional discipleship.

Discipleship is learning how to follow Jesus everyday.
— Pastor Nick Olson

Discipleship here at LBC is way more than just INFORMATION!  Discipleship is not just about Doctrine (what we believe) and Theology.  Discipleship is all about learning how to follow Jesus everyday. If you have known Jesus for many years, or just a few days, discipleship can be an amazing part of your spiritual growth process.  The goal of discipleship is to see people thrive in their walk with Christ and grow to a place where they can begin investing in the lives of others. We want to make disciples who make disciples!



Our discipleship process happens in smaller groups of 3-5.  They are of the same gender, similar demographics, interests, and schedules.  They meet every other week to build friendships, invest in each other, push each other, and help each other follow Jesus better.  



Discipleship is designed to help believers grow in their relationship with Christ.  The lessons help you understand your relationship with God, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic Biblical principles to your life, and learn how you can be an influential witness and testimony of God’s grace!



Want to be Discipled: If you are interested in being discipled, CLICK HERE to fill out this interest form.  


For more information contact our Executive Pastor, Nick Olson